Face Off: Electrostatic Spraying VS Fogging

If we’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s that germs can be persistent, aggressive, and very good at traveling to the furthest corners of our lives. Then why do so many cleaning techniques suggest that viruses—even those as pernicious as COVID-19—are sweet and well behaved? When it comes to the difference between fogging and electrostatic spraying, only one of these methods is up to the task.


It’s as passive as it sounds. A fogging system delivers small droplets in the direction of the spray, and only in the direction of the spray. So why does that matter?

Since fogging droplets are limited by gravity, they just. . .land. Splat. They don’t have the “oomph” behind them to propel them to wrap around surfaces and objects. They lack the get-up-and-go you may expect from a hardworking disinfectant. Picture an office chair caught in one of these fogs. Sure, the seat and facing surfaces will get wet from the disinfectant, but what about the back, undersides of the arms, adjustment levers, and other crevices? Don’t they need to be sanitized as well? It’s not like the chair is going to manage its own disinfecting. Fogging results in uneven coverage at best, with the added inconvenience of having to keep the area closed to occupants for at least a couple of hours. Inconvenient and unhelpful, fogging resembles an unexpected visit from unwanted guests who didn’t even bring a dessert.

Electrostatic Spraying

Enter: electrostatic spraying to save the day! While fogging just flings cleaner in the general direction of surfaces, electrostatic spray envelops them completely: front, back, sides, and every other imaginable hard-to-reach spot.

But wait, how does this work!? A specialized electrostatic sprayer, such as the Clorox® Total 360® Machine, emits electrode charges into the droplets. Forget about gravity: these negatively charged droplets are drawn to positively charged surfaces like powerful microscopic magnets. Now picture that same office chair zapping all those droplets toward every inch of its surface, becoming completely enveloped by disinfectant. The electrostatics wrap around harmful microorganisms with a 3-D effect, killing them instantly and allowing re-entry in as little as 15 minutes. It’s called Total 360® for a reason.

Experience the Difference

With Ashland Cleaning, you don’t have to second-guess the thoroughness of your disinfectant services. We use the Clorox® Total 360® Machine, not foggers, to ensure that every germ is gone for good. For a full range clean on surfaces in offices, classrooms, lobbies, bathrooms, warehouse workrooms, and other commercial spaces, give us a call to schedule our thorough and complete disinfection services. We’ll make sure your ship is in shape!

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